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when i found my lover with another lover
i took a picture and hung it on my wall
it reminds me of being humble
Mark M A I V I E D E M O N A T

Dear / Liebe Sandy,

'immer wieder ' ('once again')
I have now completed my visual 'reaction' to your beautiful soundscape  
I believe at first 'glance' you will be overwhelmed by its darkness,
it is, it is dark
but also it is not, there is a lot of hope, strength, fighting to it

it is not an attempt to take life
it is about deeply wanting life so much

that you keep on living
even though you find it painful

my devotion to life
to love
is bigger
than myself

immerwieder_maiviedemonat_pecas from MaiVieDeMonat on Vimeo.

I chose to use German
I love the seriousness that the German language has to it
you can easier play with the different presences
I did my best with the english translation, see underneath

'I am going to suffer
once again
for a certain among of time
i have to suffer now
once again
its gonna hurt
once again
it will hurt
once again
just like that
it will be over
once again'

I considered adding this phrase in the end - see below - but I decided not to, it somehow 'reveals too much'
for me personal - my present - my past
- I will make another video to this phrase:

'when you loose someone, no matter how, you will always feel guilty'

I will send you the video this afternoon / eve, fisnishing uploading ... takes time

love you