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when i found my lover with another lover
i took a picture and hung it on my wall
it reminds me of being humble
Mark M A I V I E D E M O N A T

i do not create products. i leave behind traces as i move along exploring and experiencing the world around me and the world i have within me. i hope that my traces will make you aware and alert, creating a need to go and investigate on your own. i do not demand that you understand the world through my eyes, but i do demand you reevaluate the way you are accustomed to experiencing / our surroundings.

my traces are about me and my exploration of eternal longing. they are about the fact that we can always be someone / somewhere else. they reflect dangerous dreams and visionary visions. they show suffocation and self-destruction as much as reconstruction and generating love through hate.

did you know that the rainbow is only visible when we turn our back towards the sun? the pot of gold must in other words be found in darkness. through my visual work i invite you to go discover this; to get under the skin of yourself; to reevaluate the way we re / present life and are accustomed to create and consume it.